Want To Make a Living Doing What You Love, and Love What You Do?

Life’s too short to play small. Easily unlock your potential and 10x your profits, relationships and confidence. 


Imagine having a dedicated, proven, high-level coach to guide you to that moment, where you say, "I can't believe this is my life."

Maybe you already feel like that, maybe not. Either way, I know we can go further. 





The 8-Week Supercharge for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Therapists, Influencers and Trainers

I will take you step-by-step through a subconscious supercharge. Image a done-with-you transformation to super boost your confidence, self-image, relationships, physical appearance, all while boosting your bottom line. 

Your transformation will be obvious. Your friends will ask you what's changed...only you will know. 


I take entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, influencers and trainers to elevated states beyond their perceived imagination. Sound too good to believe? That's how the mind works. It's looking for the lowest common denominator. Hang tight and read on. I've learned over 20+ years of coaching what separates high-level performers from those who play small in life.

I've been called The Relationship Wizard, Confidence Crafter and a Business Whisperer. Really, I'm just someone who hit rock-bottom, climbed his way back up and helps people like you to live amazing lives, 10x their profits, relationships and personal growth.

Over the last 20 years, I have helped thousands of people transform their life into something miraculous. Now, I've condensed everything I've learned into an exclusive opportunity for you.

In 2009 I was runner-up for the International Personal Trainer of the year award, leading my own mastermind group where I taught business owners how Culture Creates Cash, became a published author, professional speaker and more. After a series of devastating setbacks, I was forced to start over - to transform.

Through my transformation, I realized what led to my setback. It was the stories in my mind. The stories were based in fear, inadequacy and scarcity. 

However, my setback was simply a setup for something beyond my imagination. I finally learned to love myself. To short-cut the limiting beliefs. The R.O.I. was 10x the results in every area of my life.

Whether your goal is to look and feel like a million bucks, to make your first million (or 100 million), to reboot your existing relationship or have the confidence and skills to start one - I've got your back.  

More about my story...

Early in my coaching career, I experienced massive financial and social success. My business was growing at an alarming rate, my speaking career was taking off, I published my first book and I found the woman of my dreams, but strangely I wasn't enjoying these experiences like you think someone would - I had no presence. 

Since I had no presence, I was always in my head - overthinking, stressed and anxious. In fact, I was grinding my teeth every night. I started to suffer physical setbacks, injuries and my gut felt like a war zone. I soon became sick. 

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, (which I no longer suffer from...more on that later) and lost 30 pounds. Then I was thrown into the recession of 2008. 

I wasn't ready for what was going to take place. I ended up losing everything. Like everything. Car. House. Business. All my Commercial Property. My Mastermind Group. Friends.

The only thing that stuck around was my lady (more about her later too). 

As you can imagine, I fell into a place of despair. Shame. Guilt. It was a long way down and I was at the bottom. 

After dragging along rock-bottom, I wanted change. And change I did. Not just change - I transformed.

I went on a journey working with a Shaman, drinking strange brews from the Amazon, coming face-to-face with my anxiety, stretching every part of myself in every direction for years. I sought out improved coaching methods. I went deep into my subconscious mind and changed the shitty stories I was carrying and transformed them. 

Before long, I was back - and not only back, I was operating and seeing life from a whole new reality - a high vibration and perspective.

Today, I have three beautiful kids, my wife (the one who stood by my side) is still here and has become a professional calisthenics athlete, my colitis is gone, I look and feel great (as someone in their 40's) and my coaching business is delivering results that are second to none.

Here's the deal. I did the hard work. I went through the shadows and found the light. 

Now, I've done the work for you and I've put everything into my 8-week program to help you easily supercharge your business, relationships and personal transformation. 

You see, what I learned through my transformation, is our subconscious mind is the real catalyst for outcomes in our life. Just think self-sabatoge, repeated relationship setbacks, persistent fears, limiting beliefs and self-worth issues. That shit it real!

The good news is, I learned short-cuts, hacks, and rituals to not only rid your subconscious of the viruses - but to transform them to a superpower. 

How do I do it? I use targeted coaching techniques to quickly open your inner superpowers. I use my revered active breathwork and meditation hacks, my Elite Coaching System that opens your voice and clears your mind, builds your confidence and deepens your self approval. I combine my 20 years of coaching entrepreneurs and my own personal transformation to deliver results. Results. That's what you want.

I'm not interested in fluffy shit that makes you feel good for a couple hours. I am only interested in massive lasting change. I hope you are too.

For those that like certifications and degrees, I've got those too, and I'll list them here. Just keep in mind - the degree, the certification, has never made the person, it's what we do with our time in life - the story we create that makes all the difference. 

Degrees: AAS, BS, MBA

Author, Climb to the Top

Founder, Elite Coaching Systems, Primitive Connection, The Bodhi (Breathwork) Method

Nationally published author

2009 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (IDEA)

2008 Personal Trainer of the Year Finalist (PFP)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt 

Certifications: Too many to list here...

20 years of coaching helping thousands to quickly transform to higher reality and delivering RESULTS. 



$8200 Value


Business has changed. Your success will largely depend on your ability to grab attention (in the world of social media and video), deliver value and adapt quickly. I will teach you how. You'll be working with me and my hand selected team of experts in a private mastermind style group. This service is provided over zoom each week (if you miss a call, they are recored for you to listen to at your own convenience). Focused results are on:

  • Instant access to VIP Coaching group with a collective 100+ of experience. 
  • Black Belt Secrets of Marketing and Selling
  • Full Expression: In-depth focus on expression through YouTube, Podcasting and Social Media. Learn viral secrets and how to unlock your voice to effectively express your message. 
  • Time Freedom - Money Freedom: What's the point of having a successful business if you can't enjoy your creation. I'll teach how to develop your business in a way that allows you to supercharge your profits and allows you the freedom to enjoy life in a meaningful way
  • Developing Your Frame: The results you experience are less about "what" you offer and more about the "frame" you offer them in. I'll teach you how to develop your frame and carry a level of confidence that will lead to results in a variety of areas in your life.  

For those who enroll NOW,I'm giving away these one-time bonuses...

BONUS 1: $16400


You might think I'm crazy for doing this, but why do you think my clients have so much success? Because I actually care about your success. While many are focused on making a "sale," I focus on building relationships and actually delivering my clients 10x results. For those that act now, I'm giving you 4 extra months of coaching for free. That's a total of 6-months of coaching. How can you not succeed?

BONUS 2: $1800 Value


You'll get lifetime access to my life's work condensed into an easy to follow program. Here's what's inside:

  • Unpacking the glue - high performance release
  • Time is now - active mediation to quickly reprogram the mind for focused outcomes 
  • The Breathwork Breakthrough 
  • Deepening the connection to self (Self-love)
  • Trauma release 
BONUS 3: $299 Value


Sleep was a massive challenge for me when I was in my "stuck" stage. I've put together a series of short-cuts to get you sleeping like a little cute, cuddly baby (did you like how I called you cute? Hey, we can have fun while we do your transformation) Here's what's inside:

  • Busy Entrepreneur sleep hacks 
  • Top Suggested supplements 
  • Evening releases to set the mood for restful sleep
BONUS 4: $599


As a busy entrepreneur you know relationships can be a challenge. Whether you're in one now, or plan to be, this program is a must. This has easily been my most sought after program and I'm giving it to you FREE.  

Here's the deal, relationships can be demystified when you learn to communicate with empathy, go beyond your insecurities and understand what I call Sexual Polarity. Here's what's inside: 

  • Relationship evolution: How to have a fulfilling long-term relationship
  • Unsticking a stuck relationship
  • Reignite sexual chemistry 
  • Dating decoded: How to feel comfortable in your skin and confidently attract the mate of your dreams 
BONUS 5: $299


When you learn to speak with influence - people listen. I've found most people have difficulty using their voice in a way that carries energy and influence. We can only be "outwardly" dynamic as we can be with our voice. Your voice and "outward" expression typically mirror one another.  I've systematically put together a series of vocal activations that will unlock your voice and allow your to increase your impact. 

  • Speaking with authority and confidence
  • Vocal unlock: breakthrough to the badass
  • Vocal coaching demystified 
BONUS 6: $299


I'm going to show you how to embrace your awkwardness and insecurities. To make them a superpower. The strategies I share literally took me from being painfully shy to speaking in front of crowds of hundreds of people, hosting a podcast, running a YouTube Channel, leading Breathwork ceremonies and more. And...here's the deal. It's much easier than you can imagine! I'll show you. 

  • 28-Day confidence challenge: Boosting your self image  
  • How to standout in a crowded room
  • The secrets to becoming magnetically attractive
BONUS 7: $1999


Ever feel like it's difficult to ask for money? To close the deal? Ever feel conflicted between making money and staying balanced in life? I've got the answers for you in this easy to follow program. Moving your business from your head to your heart allows you to unlock success in a whole new way.  

  • Heart centered selling: Supercharge your selling approach 
  • Holding the Frame: It's not you - it's the frame
  • Delivering world-class value and first-class results 
  • Culture Creates Cash: Leadership lessons to last a lifetime 


Remember the lady who stuck by my side during my setback? This is her, my wife. She's a professional calisthenics athlete, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt, Mother, Fitness Coach and has over 100k followers she shares her journey with online. 

She's is giving you lifetime access to her 21-day transformation challenge. Where she shows you how to quickly transform your physique

Told you...I've got you covered in all areas during this program. 




With Troy


I said it's about you...so here's my RIDICULOUS VIP Guarantee


After the 8-weeks (and 4-months of bonus coaching), if you don't feel like you've supercharged your business, relationships, confidence...essentially, if you don't feel like million bucks, and more than doubled your investment with me in value, I'll keep giving you access to my VIP coaching until you do.

What do you have to lose?  

You want change. Transformation. I'm guaranteeing you'll get it. That's how much I believe in my coaching service. 

Chris Rios

Owner, Fight Frequency & Undefeated MMA Fighter 

I was looking for answers. Someone to help see my "blind-spots." I needed something different. Unique. The life of fighter and business owner isn't the easiest path. I am beyond grateful to have found Troy. His teachings and ability to quickly help be breakthrough my mental barriers, and drastically enhance my emotional and mental state are remarkable. It's a true supercharge. 

Kevin Choquette

Founder, Fident Capital

Clarity and insight are a beautiful thing. Over the years,  I’ve worked with other coaches, business peers, and credentialed therapists. Troy has assimilated a drastically more potent, simpler, honest, useful, and more impactful program. The return has shown in business growth, my role in the world, the way I view myself and my relationships.

Net Score? 11 out of 10

Jake Dalton

2x Olympian & 4x World Medalist

I cannot recommend working with Troy enough. I didn’t know what to expect and I got more than I thought I ever could. Everyone has things they deal with and they’re not always certain how to deal with them. Working with Troy opened my eyes in a way I have never thought about before. Thank you for the Supercharge, Troy. 

Did I Mention...

I'll be giving you access to my Retreat Series, Primitive Connection during our time together?

If you don't know what that is, I lead a series of retreats designed to reconnect you to your Primitive nature. To remind you about your primal energy, connection and strength. They're epic - electric. Take a look at a few of the testimonies...and I hope to see you at one someday.


8-Week Supercharge

$30,000 Value

One-Time Price $2,997

  •  8-Week VIP Coaching Experience with Troy 
  • Bonus: 4 extra months of VIP Coaching Experience with Troy 
  • Lifetime Access to the 8-Week Supercharge Course
  • 28-Day Relationship Reboot
  • 21-Day Workout Program
  • Lifetime Access to Library of my 20 years of Coaching Material, Elite Coaching Systems
  • Membership Pricing to my Retreat Series, Primitive Connection

8-Week Supercharge

Want More?

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Service with Troy
  • Lifetime Access to the 8-Week Supercharge Course
  • 28-Day Relationship Reboot
  • 21-Day Workout Program
  • Lifetime Access to a Library of my 20 years coaching material, Elite Coaching Systems
  • FREE Access to my Retreat Series, Primitive Connection  
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You want a coach who can see your blind spots, who you feel comfortable sharing your vision, and challenges with - and I want to be focused and present with my service, this is why I only take on a limited number of clients. 

Act fast and enroll now or schedule a call to see if we're a good fit. It's free and only takes 15 minutes or less. 

Talk soon.