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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful, Prosperous and Happy Life

Imagine an experience where you reconnect to your primitive energy, you feel ALIVE, ENERGIZED and leave with a ROADMAP to boldly embark upon the next chapter of life.

Men face a variety of challenges and without the support of other men, it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed. 

In this unique experience, you will realign with your purpose, awaken your primitive connection and develop a strong support system with likeminded men. 

Tribal Connection

Men relating and connecting to other men is one of the quickest and most effective ways to overcome challenges and find our greatest purpose. Experience deep connection in this primitive tribal experience. 

Align to your Purpose

When men have a deep purpose they're healthier, happier and more passionate. The experiences in the Primitive Systems are designed to awaken your deeper calling and align you to your greatest purpose. 

The Freedom of Play

Along the way in life, many men have lost the power and freedom that comes with a playful spirit. You will be encouraged to play, laugh and reclaim your spirit of play. 

Being a Member of the Primitive Connection has tremendous Benefits.

we offer 3-levels of membership, each designed to support you in a variety of ways. 

You will learn all of the following and more...

  • Clarity and vision. The group will embark upon a high-level writing prompt session that will provide a blueprint to execute life with precision and focus. 
  • Develop unshakable confidence and learn to radiate magnetic energy. By removing the blockages that limit us from experiencing our highest self, we open the door to radiating magnetic and attractive energy. 
  • Supercharge your relationships. Relationships that thrive, require fluidity. By learning foundational tools, it's possible to move a struggling relationship to a place of enjoyment and play. The group will embark upon a guided session that will instantly supercharge your current relationship or those in the future. 
  • Primitive recalibration. By connecting to our nervous system and learning the necessary tenants to relax and loosen the body, we discover the ability to increase our present moment awareness. By calming the mind, we drastically increase our primitive energy and our ability to manifest our reality.
  • Experience the power of your own breath. The breath is mentioned in every sacred text. The breath holds keys to our happiness, our healing and can be a driving mechanism to unlock your sexual energy. 
  • Unlock your power. By learning to go inward with our energy, we learn to become laser focused on what matters most in life. 
  • Laughter and play. The ultimate goal of the primitive man is to remain creative and youthful as a child, while advancing forward in linear time. Experience the power of connection, laughter and play like never before. 

Primitive Tribe

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