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Exclusive Retreats

Primitive Connection offers a variety of Retreats that bring men together, reminding you of your primal nature and helping to reclaim your laughter, voice and inner power. 

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Private Coaching & Mastermind Groups

When you join arms with your brothers, you join a tribe of Men who support, care and look out for each other. Private, on-going coaching and support through the Primitive Connection Mastermind group is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to quickly move to a beautiful reality. 

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Business Mentoring

Imagine having a dedicated, proven, high-level coach to guide you to that moment where you say, "I can't believe this is my life." Maybe you already feel like that, maybe not. Either way, I know we can go further.

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"I went through the shadow of my own soul and I learned to grow a tall tree, you need deep roots.


By joining arms with your fellow brothers, you can not only grow deep roots - you can move mountains."